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Development and individual production of complete system solutions for complex and almost fully automated measuring tasks.

  • Intelligent system solutions for (auto-) mobile measurement technology
  • Complete measuring systems from sensor to complete documentation
  • Especially for complex and almost fully automated measuring tasks
  • Fuel consumption measurement according to JT / T-719 2016 and JT / T-711 2016
  • More than 20 years of experience and competence in product and software development for measuring tasks and applications
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The precise measurement of fuel consumption has top priority within automotive testing. The flowtronic product line offers solutions for mobile and stationary use on combustion engines.

The modular system covers several applications. The sensor S0085C is suitable for engines with open-loop fuel supply (without return to the tank).

The extension with HE8005 heat exchanger makes enables to measure engines with closed-loop fuel supply (with return to the tank).

The product range FCS-D-150 to FCS-D-700 covers diesel engines up to a consumption of 250 l/h with a fuel circulation up to max. 700l/h.

For all systems, the integrated sensor element with a resolution of 0.004ml is crucial for measuring accuracy. The measuring range is max. 250l/h for both, positive and negative, flow directions.

With microTAARE F1 in combination with the flowtronic fuel consumption test systems GREGORY Technology offers presumably the first all-in-one system solution for complex fuel consumption measurement according to national regulations like JT/T 719-2016 and JT/T 711-2016.

Measuring range up to +/-250l/h

Measuring accuracy 0,004ml

Detection of fuel flow

Modular system concept

Any mounting direction possible

Fuel circulation up to 700l/h

microTAARE F1 stands for a new data acquisition system, which can represent complex measuring technology test scenarios in an almost automated, interactive test workflow.

The newly designed system solution bases on robust and compact hardware. The scalable system fits especially for the most demanding tasks within mobile testing as well as at the test stand. At the same time, it is well suited for typical standard measurements.

The modular design of microTAARE F1 includes maximum flexibility in test data acquisition, powerful signal conditioning and a variety of interfaces.

The comprehensive software functionality provides data acquisition, online monitoring, visual, interactive user guidance, workflow management and data analysis.

In addition, the software includes a largely automated data analysis based on the results from a multitude of individual measurements. This also enables to summarize test data of extensive measurement tasks into a standardized documentation. This also includes the required design and layout of the final document.

microTAARE F1 in combination with flowtronic systems offers a complete solution for the standard-compliant measurement of fuel consumption according to national and international regulations.

Integrated system concept

Complete solution from sensor input to final data analysis

Intelligent workflow and data management

Interactive test driver support

Verification of standard-conform measurement

Full integration of JT / T 719-2016 and JT / T 711-2016 standards

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GREGORY Technology stands for (auto-) mobile measurement technology. Our customers benefit from more than 25 years of know how in engineering and development as well as experience and competence in the field of measurement technology for mobile applications like automotive testing.

Our products and services are currently focusing on mobile vehicle measurement technology, special applications for rail vehicles and industrial applications in general. We supply the global automotive industry, its suppliers and service providers with innovative technology. In addition, as an OEM manufacturer, we are partner of a global player in the field of highly specialized measurement technology.

In general, we focus on the integration of measurement technology complete with hardware, software and suitable sensors into overall system solutions. This provides best fitting solutions to our customer’s requirements.

Division managers, test engineers and test drivers benefit from consistently reviewed system solutions for their daily testing jobs. At the same time, an automated management of test sequences and measurement data supports quality assurance significantly.

"As early as the company's founding in 1996, the ultimate goal was to provide our customers and users with complete turn-key system solutions by supplying professional and robust high-tech measurement tools for their daily testing operation."

Andreas Gregory - Founder of GREGORY Technology GmbH


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